Date: 1st October 2018 at 12:24pm
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During his four year Leicester City stint Riyad Mahrez would, more often than not, grace the pitch with loads of pizzazz, grace, and flair. His goal tally, just under 50 out of 158 appearances wasn’t too shabby either.

The thing is, since joining Manchester City a couple of months ago for an eye-watering £60m I haven’t seen anything that comes close to replicating his Walker Stadium form.

Where has his mojo gone?

Riyad Mahrez stats

He hasn’t played a lot of minutes since his Etihad arrival; I’ll give you that. But, during the times when he had the opportunity to put the City shirt on to flaunt and strut his stuff all I’ve seen is someone who looks similar to a startled rabbit, caught in headlights.

He is not blessed with a massive frame but rather a slender one. He doesn’t possess muscles that ripple under intense physical pressure. But what he does have, and utilises to the best of his ability is to use his massive talent for taking on and dribbling past the opposition. He has oodles of balance and a master with a ball at his feet.

Floats like a butterfly

The 27-year-old winger finally made City’s headlines by scoring a brace against Cardiff City the other week. And so we know he has it in him. However, and in my opinion, he’s still floating around like a butterfly but when is he going to sting like a bee?

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