Date: 12th October 2018 at 5:49pm
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Wolverhampton Wanderers fans will hopefully forgive me for mentioning their 21-year-old Portuguese midfielder. However, I would expect the club supporters will be used to transfer speculation, especially when they have one of the best Premier League prospects playing outside one of England’s so-called top 6 clubs.

I don’t need to explain about the lad’s abilities, but, with Pep Guardiola’s guidance, could the City boss extract even more from the Portugal international?

I am not saying the Wolves boss Nuno Santo is inept or incapable but we all know what Pep is good at. I mean, since his Etihad arrival he has, somehow extracted another 10 percent from  specific player(s) who we Blues thought were at the top of their game. And yet we see Sergio Aguero and one or two others upping their game.

Breath of fresh air

Wolves have been a breath of fresh air since coming up from the Championship. Their ‘have a go’ attitude has certainly worked – look at their results – a 1-1 draw against Manchester City springs to mind. A brilliant performance and no ‘park the bus.’ A blooming’ joy!


One doesn’t need to be a detective to work out that scouts from Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and others have all been impressed and reported back to their respective club bosses regarding Ruben’s performances. And it doesn’t need a magician to conjure up the prospect of certain clubs putting in their feelers.

I appreciate he recently signed a new 5-year deal to stay at Molineux but at the end of the day, money talks. As does the prospect of playing in the Champions League.


Pep Guardiola has been looking at a Fernandinho replacement for the last 12-months. Someone who can demand the midfield – someone who can dominate.

Everyone has a price, and with the failed attempts to bring Jorginho, who ended up at Chelsea and Alexis Sanchez who unfortunately decided to join Jose Mourinho at United, Manchester City has a few coffers left in their transfer budget.

Ruben Nevas ticks all of Pep’s boxes and so don’t be too discouraged (Wolves fans) if, come the 2019 summer transfer window if he changes his shirt colours from orange to sky BLUE.

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13 Replies to “Ruben Neves: The Perfect Summer Fernandinho Replacement – Opinion”

  • Better be prepared to pay more than£100 million and even then I don’t think our owners will sell unless Neves asks for a transfer to rainy everyday Manchester.

      • They’ll ask for whatever they want. If someone else doesn’t want to pay it, fine. Wolves aren’t a selling club – unless they have someone better lined up.

      • Don’t think so, at least 100 million. If wolves were to sell him, where would they get a player of his ability for that amount? Please talk sense!

  • Those who look down from their pedestal tend to get knocked off. Wouldn’t swap Nuno for Pep. In my opinion weve got the superior coach. And yes the price IS 100mil SUCKER ????

  • I will throw this one out there. Having been born down in the Midlands some 50 years ago I have never seen a Wolves team play football as good as we play at the moment. The odd game but never with any consistency and I include in that the teams of the 70’s (although I do remember a good day out at Wembley in ’74). Ruben Neves is head and shoulders above any players I have ever seen in the Old Gold. For a 21 year old with such a fantastic and humble attitude it makes a grown man proud to support our team again. If he stays at Wolves and there really is no reason for him to move (unless we haven’t hit Europe in the next 3 years) I truly believe he will go down as the best Wolves player of all time. Wolves fans bang on about Bully and with 306 goals there is no doubt he was a remarkable signing for 64k but Neves is pure class and is doing it in the PL and WILL do it anywhere he plays. At the end of the day Bully did it in the lower leagues to do it on the top stage is a different thing. The composure Neves has shown since he arrived as a 20 year old is a joy to behold.

  • As you say, everyone has their price. But you can’t afford to pay it.
    Nuno is superior to Guardiola. Look how much he has spent since his arrival and we matched you both on the pitch and on the scoreboard.
    And Wolves do not play in orange. They, quite famously, play in Old Gold.
    Before you spout such tripe, kindly get your facts right.

  • Orange eh…….nasty little comment! Neves and the rest are ultimately Fosun employees, and if others want to do business with these Chinese they will need to show more respect than this back shows…in my opinion

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