Date: 16th August 2011 at 8:12am
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Post match reaction to the Etihad Stadium Monday night love-in…

Roberto Mancini:

‘It was a perfect start for us and that was important after the way we lost the Community Shield. This win has not sent a message but it was an important one for us.

‘What is also important is that the strikers got amongst the goals. What Sergio Aguero achieved did not surprise me. He is a fantastic striker. However, he can get better than he showed against Swansea. I am sure of that. He is not yet 100% fit…he will get better.’

‘Aguero could play with Tevez or any of the other strikers. And the same goes for the rest of them. They are all good players and interchangeable. They can play in all combination. Carlos at this moment is still our player and maybe he will be available for the game at Bolton…’

Brendan Rodgers:

‘When you come to a club like this you can go one of two ways: be daunted by the task or go and play how you play. We did the latter and, while the result was harsh, for the first hour we showed great confidence and quality…we stood up for a lot of the game against a team of such quality.

‘Two quick goals allowed City to express themselves like the world class players that they are, but I came off and congratulated my players because they put on a terrific show and they will get better and improve. We understand if you make mistakes at this level you will get punished and we could have defended the first three goals better, but the fourth was a world class goal from a world class Sergio Aguero.’

Kun Aguero:

‘I’m happy. The start was really good and I want to keep on like this…Football is the same everywhere. I had the chance to play a little bit. I enjoyed it, I helped the team and I hope to keep doing the same in the future.

‘Thankyou to the City fans for your support and the only way I can repay you is by doing what I do best.’

Joe Hart:

‘He’s decent isn’t he? £35 million is a big price tag and it’s been well spent. It’s an exciting start, there’s a great bond in this team. And you can see it out there. Swansea had 70% of the ball in the first half but we had a brick wall behind us. We had the same problem with Blackpool coming here last year. We knew if we kept to our game we`d get enough chances to win.’

The VMCers:

Buzz Lightyear:

‘OMG! Aguero, just changed my fantasy team. Anyone see the look on Marios face, well son that’s how to do it without pissing about.’


‘Should have seen the state of the crowd when Aguero scored that screamer – stunned silence for a couple of seconds then the biggest, cheesiest grins on the planet at that moment!’


‘For all the Swansea possession they didn’t do anything with it, once City got the goal they richly deserved, City ran the show, TV cameras showed that Aguero’s effort to keep the ball in play was successful and who better to get a goal tonight than David Silva, but what an understanding they had from the moment Aguero stepped onto the pitch. A fabulous fourth goal, just about every fan in the country is transferring him to their Dream Team as we speak!’


‘I don’t think we’re going to hear much boring City this season with Silva and Aguero running amok!’


‘We have unbelievable firepower in our stable now……let’s keep using it!’

PhillyBlueMoon: (in the Match Day Thread)

‘Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. I almost feel like I’m watching myself play FIFA right now!’


‘Bye bye Carlos.’

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