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Sterling Gliding.

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I see the Manchester (United) Evening News have a piece on Raheem Sterling swanning around his new temporary pad (the 5 star Lowry hotel) on some kind of space-age piece of kit called a ‘glider’.

Walking to and from his uber-pad is just not the done thing these days for our latest big money signing.

Take a look if you will

I know the kid is barely 20 but if I were him I’d be keeping my profile low and focusing on trying to make an impact early-doors on the pitch.

Surely we haven’t got another ‘Mario’ on our hands? Can’t see Franny Lee would have gone down the same route, riding a uni-cycle round the Arndale.

Try gliding around Grey Mare Lane market and see what recepion you’d get there Raheem.

Keep it real son.

On the pitch, in the shirt, glide past the rags defence and get in the papers that way.


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